Bubble and Bones’ Terms and Conditions relate to the initial consultation and any subsequent grooming sessions


Terms and Conditions 


1. The owner agrees that the dog is fit and healthy. Grooming of sick or elderly dogs is entirely at the owner’s risk. Grooming may expose underlying skin or health problems that we cannot be held liable for. You must notify us of any changes whatsoever before each groom is undertaken. 

2. Bubble and Bone reserves the right not to accept a dog that presents risk of injury to itself or our staff. 

3. Any pre-existing coat or health conditions of your dog will be discussed, if you have any shampoo you prefer to be used you should supply this at your own expense for us to use during the groom. 

4. DE-MATTING POLICY - Removal of matting is essential in the treatment and prevention of hotspots and sores, fungal and bacterial infections, yeast infections, flea infestations, moist eczema, mites and lice, maggot infestation, urine and faeces scalding, eye and ear infections, severe itching, scratching and redness. We reserve the right to de-matt and shave the coat very short in order to properly groom a severely affected coat. This treatment is not routine and your dog may look very different afterwards with the hair being very short and close to the skin. This may expose pre-existing skin complaints. If the dog needs to be shaved we cannot be held liable for clippers accidentally cutting the dog. We will, seek the owner’s consent before carrying out such procedures. 

5. STYLE - Every effort will be made to groom your dog to meet your expectations. It must be made clear however, that no guarantee can be made in this regard, and we accept no responsibility for a groom carried out according to your instructions, but not to your visual expectations. Records are kept in order to track progress and it may take several grooming sessions for the coat to grow to your desired style. 

6. SAFETY - Whilst in our care, all dogs are treated with the utmost care and attention. We will ensure your dog is safe and secure, and we only use superior quality products. We will not continue a groom on a dog that becomes severely anxious or aggressive. In the event of injury or accident a Vet may be called and unless it can clearly be shown that we are liable, all costs in connection with and in the carrying out of a Vet’s instructions and any subsequent treatment shall be at the owner’s expense. We recommend owners having dog insurance. 

7. It may be necessary for us to use a muzzle on your dog for its own safety and that of the groomer. We carry a selection of comfortable, various sized muzzles, which allow your dog to breathe normally and drink if necessary. A muzzle serves to both calm the dog and prevent damage or injury. Please note muzzles only tend to be needed when working on the feet – not the whole groom.

8. We have dog bowls and fresh water in the salon to prevent dogs becoming dehydrated. 

9. CANCELLATIONS – We understand that sometimes it is necessary for customers to cancel an appointment; however we ask that you make any cancellation as far ahead as possible. 

10. COSTS - Some cost adjustment, with owner’s agreement prior to the groom, may be necessary in respect of the dog’s size, coat condition and the style and time required. All payments must be made in full upon return of your dog. We accept cash and card payments. 

11. GDPR – Information recorded on your consent and registration form will not be shared with any third party and you reserve the right to request this information at anytime or to ask for it to be destroyed. If you wish to cease using Bubble and Bones’ services, it will be destroyed securely and immediately. 

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